Consisting of:

Before the beginning of the wellness procedures, the doctors evaluate your health and take into account all preferences regarding treatment.



According to the assessment or consultation results, individual doses of preparations based on vitamins, micronutrients, amino acids and cellular energetics are selected. For the first time in Ukraine, SQLAB introduced personalized infusion preparations (drips) based on the principle of compounding pharmacy, which has long ago proved effective in the civilized world.


The acupuncture technique has come to us from Chinese medicine and has been used successfully for over 3,000 years. Its principle is to mechanically act on biologically active points that correspond to specific internal organs and harmonize their function.



Biopuncture is a combined technique that combines the principles of acupuncture (introduction of medicines into acupuncture points) and homeopathy (introduction of homeopathic medications). Homeopathy originated as a diagnostic and therapeutic approach in Germany more than 300 years ago. Since then, it continues to prove its effectiveness, despite all the attacks and data manipulations.



Health-promoting and visceral massages, kinesiology, osteopathy and craniosacral therapy. The combined effect on the skin, muscles, ligaments, internal organs and even subtle psychological spheres yields very good results. Especially in combination with other techniques at your wellness visit to SQLAB.


The method of oxygen skin rejuvenation in combination with professional cosmetics can significantly improve the quality of the skin during the visit, as well as allow enjoying not only improved well-being, but also an improved appearance.



A method of health improvement by introducing an active form of oxygen, ozone, into the body. The ozonized saline solution is injected into the blood in order to improve the microcirculation, including the mechanisms of cellular respiration. Ozone can also be injected in places of fat deposits in order to reduce their volume.


At the beginning and at the end of the wellness visit, control health indicators are measured. These can be indicators of molecular and cellular health, skin condition and other functional health indicators.



PRICE: $100-500

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