SQLAB, the first biohacking and health management clinic was established on 9 October 2016. Since then, we have collected a tremendous amount of data on the personal health of people who care about themselves, and have implemented phenomenal changes in their lives. We checked a huge number of hypotheses—what works and what does not work.

Adding 30% to the initial indicators of personal health in 3 months is our working indicator.


Our Mission

To overcome the demographic crisis in Ukraine.


SQLAB’s objective

To introduce biohacking and health management as a mainstream into the premium segment of the Ukrainian society. To open 30 SQLAB clinic in large cities by the end of 2020.


Our Values:

  • Health Management vs Disease Management

  • Prevention and early detection of diseases

  • Evidence-based medicine + traditional medicine + practical experience + common sense

  • Big data

  • Modern technolgies + time-tested techniques

  • Project management + balanced indicator framework

  • Transparency of actions and outcomes

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Excellent service


The only device in Ukraine. FIT 3D Scanner helps to create a 3D avatar of your body for effective management of your body shape and posture, monitoring performance and status over time. The FIT 3D Scanner data helps to identify primary changes in the internal organs that are not yet visible from the laboratory tests and ultrasound exams.






Digitization of appearance indicators and primary changes of internal organs. Device for digitizing the structural parameters of the skin. Allows you to calculate the number, depth and area of wrinkles, skin texture, the quantity and quality of skin elements, hidden pigmentation.




Functional diagnostics of the skin of all body parts. Determines the acidity, moisture, elasticity, moisture loss rate, oily skin. This information provides important data on the primary changes in the internal organs, when laboratory and other instrumental methods show the “norm”.




An innovative stethoscope allows audio recording of auscultation of the lungs and heart, monitoring effectiveness of the respiratory and cardiovascular system correction.




A universal device allowing to assess the condition of the skin, ocular fundus, ear, throat and nasal mucosa with the function of preserving detailed images to monitor the status over time.




Ultrasound diagnostics allows you to identify visible shape and structure defects of internal organs, as well as the presence of acute and chronic inflammation.








A system of instrumental improvement of the brain funcation. It is based on feedback of the brain’s electromagnetic waves, artificial intelligence by Microsoft.





A device manufactured in Ukraine, Bozon N allows to produce ozonized saline solution for intravenous administration in order to improve microcirculation and blood saturation with oxygen. It also generates pure ozone for administration into areas of fat depots in order to reduce their size.